Remoik’s Inventory Management Software

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Remoik’s Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Track & catalogue every single asset & stock in your store with our Easy IT Inventory Management tools for your organisation. Let us help you reduce and save cost on all your inventory

Why do you need Inventory Management Software
Inventory management software plays a pivotal role when it comes to IT asset management. Your organization spends quite a sum to store, track and insure inventory tied up until the item is sold or used in the production. If you come face to face with the problem of not being able to keep track of all the devices and assets, you can end up incurring heavy financial losses in case of any mismanagement. Hence, you require cloud based inventory management software to oversee and control the orders, storage and use of components your company will use in the production.

Our Inventory management software features:
• Provide uninterrupted production at different service levels in minimum cost.
• Determines the health of the supply chain and impacts the financial management.
• Constant impact analysis and review for internal and external factors.
• Systematic and in-depth catalog for your inventories making it simpler to track.
• Easy to add new SKUs to your CMDB.
• Import and export the assets from your CSV.
• Know all the products you have in your network.
• Keep track of documentation and product types.

Assets get misplaced, devices go missing and so on. The perils of not being able to document everything can come back and bite you. Start taking complete control of all the inventory you need to manage as an organization. A seamless IT Inventory management tool controls your asset management process like nothing else. Service desk gets more efficient when you start doing the inventory and tracking each of your assets.
What is our IT Inventory Management Process:
• Instantly know the different categories of assets in your network.
• Track every asset, vendors and its related details.
• Keep a tab of the CI cost and its expiry date.
• Find out at one glance all the products in your network.
• Easy to sort, filter and get a complete database of your inventory.

Our Asset label installation services
Easy Asset Management tools for your organization
Our Asset management technology is all about keeping track of every asset your company owns; well, in a perfect world! But when it comes to being responsible for all the coffee stained keyboards, lapsed warranties, and broken printers, things don’t seem all that simple and easy.

Asset management is no longer limited to tracking your assets but also offering solutions and assessing the inventories status, its impact, expenses and much more. Manage your assets and keep track of all the Fixed Assets and assets lifecycle in your organization, through a centralized location.

What your company will gain
The Benefits

• Asset lifecycle management: Keep track of complete Asset lifecycle right from procurement, maintenance, depreciation to disposal with IT asset management software. The product catalog and vendor management track the purchase orders. Know the total ownership cost of an asset at any given point.
• Better assets optimization: Identify possible threats proactively based on linked tickets. Asset relationship analysis helps in understanding the impact and deciding next course of actions. Be in a better position to resolve tickets faster and for efficient change management.
• Control your IT assets data: Document each facet of your ITIL ready asset management software to understand their face value at any given point of time. Such accurate data will help you find solutions rather than engaging more problems.
• Discover new assets easily: The Discovery Probe automates your service desk software inventory. You can find, collect data and categorize in just a few clicks. Save yourself the time required to collate all the data points.
• Online IT asset management tool: No more worrying about data privacy and maintenance with everything stored on the cloud. Easily comply with SLA policies and access your data from anywhere. Control and manage your hardware and IT inventory right through your service desk. If this wasn’t enough, you can manage all the mobile devices in your network too.