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Digital and Social Media Marketing

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This program is essential for all marketing professionals and business people, the Internet Digital and Social Media Marketing Program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive examination of tactics and strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and search engine marketing aimed at fully leveraging the internet for achieving business goals such as acquiring, converting, and retaining online customers.

This program is intended for anyone interested in improving website performance, online marketing campaigns, search engine marketing and web analytics skills. This program will also interest those advancing a career in marketing by clearly defining the tactics and technologies integral to planning and implementing a successful Internet marketing strategy from an organizational perspective.

What you would learn will include;

  • Thinking Strategically about Digital Marketing
  • Market Research and Content Strategy
  • Creating your Digital Assets
  • Managing Customer Relationships and Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Direct Channels
  • Optimizing your Digital Campaigns

Why should I take this course?

  • Learn how to raise awareness about your brand and communicate your unique offering
  • Become a fully rounded digital marketer – gain a range of sought-after skills, including social media marketing, SEO, online advertising and digital marketing strategy
  • Discover hundreds of online best-practices, tools, strategies and creative marketing opportunities

Who should attend?

  • Current or aspiring marketers
  • Small-business owners, entrepreneurs, brand managers and people in similar roles who want to promote their companies more effectively online
  • For absolutely anyone who’s interested in an exciting career in online marketing

Course Content:

◉ Overview of Digital Marketing For Business
◉ Integrating Digital Marketing with overall Marketing Strategies
◉ Components of Digital Marketing Strategy
◉ Strategic Digital Positioning & Digital Value Creation for Business
◉ Website Optimization for Effectiveness
◉ Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Plan
◉ Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
◉ Developing Effective Social Media Engagement Plan
◉ Facebook Marketing for Business
◉ Twitter Marketing for Business
◉ LinkedIn Marketing for Business
◉ YouTube Marketing for Business
◉ Exploring other Social Networks (Google+, Flickers, Instagram, etc)
◉ Activating the Power of Content Marketing
◉ Exploring Video marketing with YouTube & Photo Marketing with instagram
◉ Implementing Effective Email Marketing/Newsletter Campaign
◉ Understanding Mobile Marketing Strategy
◉ Mobile Marketing (Mobile App, Bulk SMS, Whatsapp Broadcast, BB Campaign)
◉ Understanding PPC/PPM/PPA and CTR
◉ Online Advertisement (Google, Yahoo, Facebook & Classified Adverts)
◉ Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords and Directory Listing)
◉ Google Advertising Fundamentals
◉ Search Engine Optimization
◉ Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals & Activation


◉ Brand Reputation Management & PR
◉ Blogging, Article Marketing, Viral Marketing and Forum Marketing
◉ Web Analytics Fundamentals

◉ Business Digital Strategy (Content, Media, Communication and Mobile)

◉ Strategic Digital Positioning (SDP)

  • The Importance & Power Of Search
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • What Is Online Advertising?
  • ‘Traditional’ online ads – Banners, Buttons and Pop-Ups
  • Rich Media advertising
  • Pricing Models & Delivery Options
  • Targeting
  • Using the Net for Business Intelligence
  • Understanding Web Analytics & Behavioural Measurement
  • Getting Feedback Through Your Site And Through The Web
  • Knowing and Helping Your Customers
  • Tracking and Analyzing Customer Actions
  • Using Database Marketing & One-To-One Tactics In The Online World


· Lectures
· Discussions
· Individual and group exercises
· Case studies
· Activities
· Post- Course Assessments
· Pre-Course Assessments
· Games and educational competitions
· Professional videos & Audio presentations
COURSE FEES includes Advanced certificate in this field of expertise, breakfast & Lunch and course materials and writing accessories