Management training courses 2019

Management training courses 2019

Management training consists of courses that enable aspiring managers, new managers, or current managers to develop their skills and knowledge surrounding efficient management methods and tools. Therefore, Management Training gives individuals the skills to become a competent manager.

Reasons to choose Management Training

  • Gain the confidence and skills to become a capable leader
  • Increase productivity and efficiency, with the result of less waste
  • Improve team morale by employing efficient and strong management
  • Understand why good management is crucial
  • Boost earning potential
  • Increase your career potential by gaining new skills and knowledge

Some Soft skills management training courses and their outlines

Management Evaluation

  • Need of Management Skills
  • Approaches to Management Skills
  • Principles of Management
  • Theory of Organisation

The Management Process

  • Planning Process
  • Process of Organising
  • Staffing
  • Directing the Process
  • The Control Process
  • Coordination of Process
  • Ways to Manage Power and Authority
  • The Decision-Making Process

Leadership Management competencies

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Role of the Leader
  • Leadership Skills
  • Tools and Techniques of Leadership
  • Different Theories of Leadership Skills
  • Characteristics of Leadership
  • Relationship between Leadership and Management
  • Qualities of a Good Leader
  • Types of Leadership
  • Autocratic Leadership
  • Democratic and Participative Leadership
  • Free-rein Leadership
  • Variety of Leadership
  • Factors of Leadership
  • Leadership Approaches
  • Leadership Effectiveness

Motivation and Personal Performance skills

  • Introduction to Motivation
  • Characteristics of Motivation
  • Importance of Motivation
  • Motivation Theories
  • Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory
  • Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
  • McGregor’s Model
  • Maslow’s Need Hierarchy vs Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
  • Vroom’s Expectancy Theory

Time Management

  • Introduction to Managing Time
  • Identify Objectives and Goals
  • Fundamental Skills for Managing
  • Why is Time Management Important in a Corporate Environment?
  • Allocating time
  • Creating a plan
  • Role of Planning
  • Time Management in different organisations
  • Role of the Organiser

Effective Team Management

  • Team Building
  • Qualities of Good Teams
  • Types of Teams
  • Team Behaviour
  • Ways to Build a Successful Team
  • Steps of Team Development
  • Standard Managing Style

Performance Management

  • How to deal with Poor Performance
  • Delivering the message
  • Team Support
  • Evolving Individuals
  • Goals and Objectives of Managing Performance

Experience more Management courses by checking our training calendar for 2019


  • Developing Leadership Competencies
  • Building and developing highly Productive People
  • Team challenges, Development and Management
  • Strategic Thinking & Decision Making
  • Advanced Impactful Leadership
  • Critical & Innovative Thinking Skills
  • Personal Workplace Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Team Building and Personal Effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic Thinking & Business Planning
  • Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership
  • Strategy Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • Mastering People Management & Team Leadership
  • Maximizing Your Leadership Effectiveness
  • Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction
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Soft Skills training courses from 2019 training calendar you can choose from.

    Management training courses 2019

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