Driving High Performance and Customer Service

May 18, 2017
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May 25, 2017
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Driving High Performance and Customer Service

Management training calendar 2019


This course is designed to help participants understand the key concepts and principles in leadership, organization development and strategic talent management in the context of building and leading a high performance organization.

The focus will be on managing people as the most important assets, so as to create competitive differentiation for organizations facing intense competition in the 21st century knowledge-based new economy. This course aims to help participants become effective people, managers and team leaders, so as to maximize the performance and potential of the team members, and to build and lead a strong organization with a high performance culture. We do not focus only on the Know-how, but also know-why on leading and managing people.

Leading edge companies which successfully gain competitive advantage and which are able to implement immediate cost savings and increased turnover, are those which possess knowledgeable and skilful Customer service professionals

We will discuss these management concepts at all levels and from the junior to the senior executive level.
Participants will be exposed to different learning experiences besides class meetings, including action learning through group projects and assignments, reflective learning through writing individual reflections, interactive experiential learning through management games at the training, etc. Participants will learn how self-awareness, self-management, and self-development relate to good leadership.

Special Attention:

The course is designed to provide a rich, high impact and unique learning experience. In addition to acquiring knowledge and skills on leadership and people management; it is intended to impact and shape participants perspectives, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors as leaders and professionals. The course work will be heavy, with a lot of demand on inter-dependent group projects, and part of the course requirement is the process of peer evaluation and feedback.
Participants should be aware that due to the integrated design nature of the course, missing any part of the class meetings or group work would severely affect the whole learning experience individually and collectively, so you should make sure that you are ready to commit the effort and time. In return for your hard work, you will take away valuable learning and insights that can have lasting impact to your future professionally and personally.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Provide a working definition of value

• Identify the three ways to measure value: operational, customer, and financial

• Explain the causes of non-value-added activities

• Understand that Customer Service excellence increase net value by increasing value-added activities as well as minimizing non-value-added activities

• Identify how excellent customer service creates net value according to the three ways of measuring value.


• Who are customers (internal/external)?

• What is Customer Service?

• Who are customers Service Providers?

• Appearance counts! (even if not in person)

• The power of the smile

• Staying energized
• Staying positive Identifying and addressing customer needs

• Understanding the customer’s problem

• Staying outside the box (not jumping to conclusions)

• Meeting basic needs

• Going the extra mile Recovering Difficult Distributor Customers

• De-Escalating Distributor anger

• Establishing common ground

Customer Relationship Management (For consistent existing and new Customer loyalty)

• Managing your own emotions as a Customer Service personnel

• Stakeholders Management for effective results
• Elements of stakeholders Management
• Stakeholders Analysis
• Stakeholders Planning
• Stakeholders Priotization techniques
• Business process Management for Frontline Customer/Stakeholders-contact members of staff
• Customer Relationship Management Planning
• Strategic Alignment for the Customer loyalty
• Customer Management detailing technique
• The Work Structure of Customer/Stakeholders Relationship Management
• Customer Relationship Planning work conversion method
• Implementation technique
• Customer Relationship Risk Management
• Risk Auditing in customer retainership for excellent results
• Business development Risk Priotization and Categorization
• Negotiation strategies and techniques
• Communication and Inter-personal Management

• Achieving company goals and objectives as a team
• TTD (Territorial Team Domination)
• Preventing and overcoming Organizational Silos
• Strategic people Management
• Tactical People Management
• Operations People Management
• Achieving great results with little resources
• Building Support from critical Stakeholders
• Motivation
• Performing Job Description Vs Creating job value
• Daily Effective and Efficient delivery of targets
• Creating a competitive advantage
• T.W.O.S Vs S.W.O.T Analysis
• Effective Job Scheduling
• Schedule planning and control
• Effective Time Management

The entire training programme will include;
• Educational Videos
• Professional Games
• Group Workshops
• Class Demonstration
• Discussions and interactions
• Practical Class Exercises
• Competition
Course fee; N100,000