Remoik offers Management training courses in Nigeria and other locations in Africa

A Management training firm in Nigeria providing results . We provide real life practical methodologies and training solutions for several corporate companies’ staff .

You can view 2019 training calendar here. 


What people are saying about us!!

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    "REMOIK training was very good. Would recommend my colleagues for any of their program. Their trainer was knowledgeable and experienced; presented real world example of concepts and responded well to student queries."

    Juwon Awesu
    Director - Pivot Solutions
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    REMOIK training was very helpful in the restructuring of my organization, most especially how to manage people from different background. Their facilitators are fantastic! I'll recommend Remoik any day, any time...

    Ojelabi Abigail
    Abidel Foundation
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    REMOIK workshop on financial management was of good value. Lots of practical insights shared, very informative; overall the workshop met my objectives.

    Afolabi Kazeem
    Director - 3Q Aviation

Our Clients

Finance Accounting Management training courses

You can check for both Basic and Advanced Finance Accounting courses with us by give us a call now


We provide Advanced Finance Statement Analysis courses, Finance for Non-finance managers courses, Microsoft Excel Finance Analysis courses for Finance data Analysis and much more
All you need do is go through our training calendar to choose the right Finance course that suits your need and career advancement

Facility Management training courses

Maintenance Management training course


Facility Management is an interdisciplinary profession that provides the skill required to manage people, place, processes and technology
For this training course you require practical hands-on training experience

Contracts and Vendor Management training courses

Contracts Management


Contracts Management is the skills required to draft and audit both new and existing agreement between two or more parties.
You will understand world class practices involved in commercial contract administration.

Procurement Management Training courses

Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management


This is the typical process of buying both goods and services from vendors for the purpose of delivery effective service to the customer or clients.
As an effective Procurement Manager, you will learn how to reduce cost, save money and better utilize exiting vendors and company assets.

Administrative Management training Courses

Administrative functions and Office Management training course


Ability to manage an office system could be quite challenging but with the right training and professionalism you will definitely be a successful administrator.
By attending our classes and with the right directions from our experienced class instructors, you will understand the principles of office management and become quite professional.

Leadership Management Training courses

Strategic Outstanding Executive Leadership Skills


To be a Leader simply means people want to follow you and are willing to go the extra mile for you. Are you a Leader or A Boss?
Get outstanding Leadership skills and experience real life practical instructor-Led trainings with us.

Supply Chain Management training courses

Strategic Supply Chain Management


Our Strategic Supply Chain Management course will provide you real life experience of the entire chain of supplies
Our trainers have over 15 years experience on the job and you will experience great impact of the available knowledge.

Project Management training courses

Project Management for executive corporate projects


Project Management is the strategic coordination of delivering works that are unique at specified cost and estimated time for specific stakeholders
With great skills acquired in this training, you will be able to achieve project targets and save cost without compromising quality to stakeholder's specifications.

International Shipping and Logistics Management training courses

International Trade, Customs Clearing and forwarding courses


Experience Strategic ways of improving clearing and forwarding operations to save cost and increase efficiency for prompt delivery of goods to your company.
We provide several trading skills and international shipping knowledge that will provide extensive insight into international business and custom's operations globally and locally.

Register for soft skills management courses that has been designed to improve your career and workplace development

We provide management courses such as; Interpersonal Skills, Critical thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Negotiation Skills, also you can refer to the training calendar for more details


There are so many soft skills to list them all, but here are some examples of soft skills that employers most appreciate and we offer them All in REMOIK TRAINING ACADEMY.
Strong work ethic. This one you probably didn’t learn in school. …
Communication skills. This is a broad category. …
Creative problem solving. …
Time management. …
Teamwork. …
Prioritize which skills to develop;
1. Communication.
2. Organization (time management)
3. Teamwork (collaboration)
4. Always punctual (time management)
5. Critical thinking (problem solving)
6. Social skills (collaboration)
7. Creativity (problem solving)
8. Interpersonal communication.

In-house customized training management courses

Bring our training to your office


Running courses onsite saves you money by training multiple employees at once and reducing the travel and accommodation expenses associated with public courses. In-house training puts you in control of your employees and allows you to monitor what they are learning during their training. All courses can be tailored to your business’s requirements, whether those are regarding timing, content or anything else.
We design and develop all our courses, and can make business-specific additions according to the needs of your staff and organisation.

Book for a course today! Give us a call or send us a mail to request for any course brochure of your choice.

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